CRANE Student Researchers


Postdoctoral Students


Deepak Chandan

University of Toronto

Atmospheric and planetary physics


Brita Lorentzen

Cornell University

Research specialization: Dendrocrology and dendroarchaeology in the Levant and East Mediterranean


Ph.D Students


Andy Chow

University of Toronto

Research Specialization: realistic image synthesis, computational photography, medical imaging, non-photorealistic rendering (NPR), character animation, human-computer interaction (HCI), computer vision and machine learning.


Rasha Elendari

University of Toronto

Research specialization:


Darren Joblonkay

University of Toronto

Research specialization: Archaeological Data mining Analysis and Practice, Iron Age Northern Levant


Dominique Langis-Barsetti

University of Toronto

Research specialization: Anatolian archaeology, urbanism, remote sensing.


MA Students


Joseph Burkhart



Emma Gillies

Carleton University



CRANE Research Associates

Rachel Arabia

University of Toronto


Katlin Long-Wright

University of Toronto